Electronic Collection Project - Ministry of Finance (E15)

Electronic Collection Project - Ministry of Finance (E15)

Electronic collection:

   The e-collection project was launched by the Minister of Finance under the umbrella of the E. Government of Sudan in 2015 as a first step to enter the worlds of technology and keep abreast of development.

   E-Connect has entered the e-collection project with specially designed and special machines in accordance with the requirements of climate, environment and infrastructure of Sudan. The software was developed internally as the first company in Sudan to develop terminal software in Sudan and by Sudanese software engineers According to the requirements of the system and the Ministry of Finance's first- phase of the project

   The second phase of the project was launched in early 2018 and is the electronic payment stage. As The first company in Sudan EConnect has develop a system that works on the same machines and serves electronic payment for government services through bank cards and e-wallet cards, with a certificate from the Central Bank of Sudan for the success of tests and the launch of electronic payment services.

   The e-payment project has been successful and EConnect has been a leading developer ofe-government vision.EConnect machines offer electronic payment service in a number of important ministries such as the Ministry of Foreign, Justice, Labor and Administration Reform and a number of ministries in the state of Khartoum and all Sudan states.